Rheem Solar Hot Water System $400 Cashback Offer

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North Shore Rheem solar specialists.

If your home is in a temperate or tropical location, which is not subject to frost and you have good quality potable water, then the Rheem Solar 52L Series system is ideal. This system operates on the natural thermosiphon principle, i.e. when water is heated it rises.

The Rheem Solar 52L Series system directly heats the water as it passes through the collectors and then automatically circulates it back into the storage tank. This process continues whilst the sun is shining, giving you and your family ample hot water.

  • Tank: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 7 or 10 years*
  • Climatic: Non-Frost Areas
  • Capacity: 180lt or 300lt
  • Options: 4 Colorbond®Colours

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We are the North Shore Rheem hot water service specialists

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