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Rheem solar hot water North Shore.

We received a call recently from a distressed older customer, Mrs Harmer from Turramurra, who had been encountering an ongoing problem with her rooftop solar hot water system that had supposedly been repaired by a local North Shore plumber.

For some time their rooftop solar hot water system had been leaking. Being an older couple, Mrs Harmer didn’t want her husband climbing on to the roof to inspect the solar system so they called a local plumber.  Upon inspection, the plumber told them he would have to replace the entire solar hot water system as it couldn’t be repaired. The plumber went away, ordered a new solar tank from a plumbing supplier, and the customer waited for it to be delivered. More than a week later, the plumber returned with the new system and proceeded to install it.

Mrs Harmer paid the plumber and, within a few hours turned on a hot water tap to find foul smelling, brown water coming out. By this stage it was late and they couldn’t have a shower or use hot water as it kept coming out dirty and wouldn’t run clean.  The plumber returned the following day and assured them it was fine and the dirty water would eventually clear up.  They tried this for a day and eventually called Rheem Hot Water for advice. Rheem passed on our number as we are North Shore Rheem hot water specialists and service agents.

After a lengthy conversation with Mrs Harmer over the phone we ascertained that the plumber had left the old Glycol collectors on the roof and simply connected the new solar tank to these – this is incorrect installation and led to Mrs Harmer’s hot water being contaminated with rusty Glycol solution. This mistake was due to the plumbers complete inexperience in solar hot water heater repairs and installation.  Once onsite we also found that, when lifting the new tank up to the roof by hand, the plumber has put big dents and scratches in the tank and damaged it (see photos).  Upon inspection of the “new” system the plumber had installed we found that it had been manufactured in 2015 so was in fact a second hand solar hot water system, not a new one!

north shore solar hot water system repairs

Evidence of the old Glycol collectors that led to contaminated hot water supply.


After a long discussion with Mr and Mrs Harmer they wanted us to install a brand new Rheem 52L300 solar hot water system and would claim a full refund from the plumber. We removed the “second hand” solar system he had installed and left it at the front of the house for collection.

We left a very relieved Mr and Mrs Harmer with a correctly installed, new Rheem solar hot water system and clean, hot water. They should enjoy trouble-free hot water usage for many years to come.

rheem solar hot water system installation north shore

Mr & Mrs Harmer’s new Rheem 52L300 solar hot water system.

Features of the Rheem 52L 300 solar hot water system

  • Suitable for 2-5 people
  • Capacity 305 litres
  • 10 Year Warranty*
  • If your home is in a temperate or tropical location which is not subject to frost and you have good quality drinking water, then the Rheem 52L Series system is ideal.
  • The 52L Series system directly heats the water as it passes through the collectors and then automatically circulates it back into the storage tank.
  • This process continues whilst the sun is shining giving you and your family ample hot water.
  • Available in in 4 COLORBOND® colours (see below), and either gas or electric boost – for days when the sun doesn’t shine.

rheem solar water heater colorbond colour range

The outer casing of every Rheem storage tank is constructed from weatherproof COLORBOND® steel. Rheem offer a choice of four contemporary COLORBOND® steel colours with their modern design roof mounted range.

* Terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for more information. 

The storage cylinders for all Rheem roof-mounted hot water systems are made of quality stainless steel which acts as a natural barrier to corrosion. Most conventional water heaters are made of steel which requires a sacrificial anode for protection whereas the anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel mean that an anode is not necessary – therefore they require less maintenance.

Stainless steel is prominent in most kitchens for its purity, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and corrosion resistance. It is reassuring to know that inside every Rheem roof-mounted storage cylinder your hot water is kept in a hygienic environment ready for your family’s everyday hot water needs.

We are the North Shore’s solar hot water specialists.

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